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Pathway to Success

Elite Dental Services is a dental consulting company that is passionate about helping dentists make informed business decisions. Here is how we guide your practice down the pathway to success.

Dental Consulting

Our custom approach to supporting and training an established office is based on conditioning each team member to break the mold of what was done in the past. Our experience in coaching mature offices is based on creating systems that help to enhance the way each team member overcomes obstacles. This tailored approach helps the office break through previous accomplishments by thinking outside the box.

Dental Marketing

Your a healthcare specialist, a dentist. Our approach towards helping you market your practice starts with identifying all the unique aspects of being a dentist. Identifying your unique market position is how we help you create an authentic brand. We will couple this identity by analyzing the most effective ways of communicating it to the market. Contact us to learn more! 

Transition Consulting

Our transitional consulting is based on understanding the unique needs of a dentist buying into an established practice. We guide the new owner dentist in understanding and implementing the human resources, business analytics, and treatment planning processes that will lead to long term success.


Elite Dental Services is closely connected with Southern California Industry Experts. Here are the experts that we work hand in hand with to help make you successful.

Due Diligence

Leverage the knowledge of our extensive experience in conducting a due diligence review of a practice before making any investment. We have completed due diligence reviews for dozens of practices in Southern California. 

Technology Implementation Advisor

Implementing key technologies in order to make both you and your team more efficient is the key to the next decade of growth in dentistry. Leverage our history in dental manufacturing & DSO operations to understand how you can most effectively implement future technologies in order to lower your costs and increase your productivity.

Your Guide

Elite Dental Services is a dental consulting company that is passionate about helping dentists’ make informed decisions with effective staff coaching.

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Recent Interviews


Paul was great at helping me complete a due diligence review of the practice I was considering. His detailed analysis really helped me better understand the opportunity!

-Charles Kim DDS. La Mirada CA

Critical Guidance

My endodontic specialty practice was growing very slowly until I started working with Paul. His business advice has been essential to our growth the last 6 months.

-Seong Lee DMD. Rancho Cucamonga CA

Helpful and organized

Learning from Paul and his perspective on transitioning a dental practice has been instrumental to transitioning into my practice. He has been a great asset.

-Nargiz Zadeh DMD. Tarzana, CA

  • Our focus on supporting general dentists in Southern California starts by recognizing the unique challenges of this highly competitive market. Therefore, our support starts with a highly dynamic solution of how to differentiate the clinician. This is coupled with not taking a “cookie cutter” approach with how to build on existing assets in the practice, but instead creating new systems on existing assets that help to set the office towards long term growth. Contact us today, so that we can begin analyzing your unique set of challenges and begin charting the office towards new growth.

  • Pediatric & Orthodontic Dentistry requires an intimate understanding of what drives the decision making behavior of a child, teenager and parent. This is coupled with our unique knowledge of helping this specialty sub-set meet the challenge of becoming more influential among the general dentists in their area. Lastly, we recognize the current challenge of how technology is both working for and against the Orthodontic specialist in the modern era and how to leverage the most from these technologies. Our support philosophy starts by recognizing this unique set of challenges by implementing systems that make the Pediatric & Orthodontic clinician an asset to the patient, parent & general dentist in their respective markets. Contact us to learn more about how we help to differentiate you in a crowded field.

  • Dental Surgeons in Southern California face a very unique set of challenges that Elite Dental Services specializes in overcoming. These challenges start with recognizing that the Endodontist, Periodontist & Oral Surgeon in Southern California face a multitude of challenges. These challenges start with how to become influential among general dentists in their respective markets. This is coupled with how to qualify, train and retain staff that are key assets to helping the surgical practice grow. Elite Dental Services is intimately aware of how to overcome these challenges and is prepared to create unique solutions to help support you. Contact us today.